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We have found the sun !!!!!!

09/02/18-12/02/18 Retamar  – Almunecar The weather is nice but still chilly ish, following the coast from La Isleta to Cabo de Gato, and Retamar, have a lovely walk to the Ermita de la Virgen del Mar church, built in 1950, on the site where the virgin of the sea first appeared there in 1502.  … Continue reading We have found the sun !!!!!!

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Its getting warmer

06/02/18 – 08/02/18 – Stop on an Aire in Vera for the night, to do some washing….us and the clothes. Can finally go hatless for  a few days till the ratstails reappear and it’s  back on again. The sun is shining with no cold wind blowing, bliss, tan here I come, well after our run… Continue reading Its getting warmer

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The end is here

29/11/17 – Well yesterday was our last working day in Hendre Mynach, said goodbye to Mal and Sue who left last week and are also going to pastures new and had a lovely Christmas meal at Bermo Bistro with all the gang. Yum, yum. The van is now near as dam finished the seat finally… Continue reading The end is here

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The practice run to New Quay and back

21/09/2016 – Well for our trial run we thought we would take a run out to New Quay (mid Wales) a place until a few years ago, we had never heard of. With the recommendation from Carol and Phil we set off for Cei Bach Country Park Few pics from the 2 hour journey down.… Continue reading The practice run to New Quay and back

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Work and Cooking !!!!!

Monday  28/03/2016- Friday 01/04/2016 The boss comes out to check on our work and then says “I’m the king of the castle and your the dirty rascals get on with your work”   so its back to wood chopping and sawing now as it happens I am a dirty rascal and I will tell you… Continue reading Work and Cooking !!!!!

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Almunecar the start

    Thursday 17/03/2016- Sunday 20/03/2016….. our first couple of days in Almunecar started off with the move from gorgeous Comares to equally gorgeous Almunecar, plants and everything but the kitchen sink packed, thankfully the plants survived the trip, two happy apprentice farmers. Well apart from me having to drive the car with the 2 mutts in… Continue reading Almunecar the start