Mont-de-Marrast – Sauvignon

08/11/18 – Lovely little French town of Mont-de-Marrast only stayed the night, oh and bought cakes, then set off again in the morning for the Spanish boarder.


We both breathed in pretty hard going over and through this bridge !


09/11/18 – Souvignon what an interesting and pretty town.


there were pictures of the towns inhabitants, old and new displayed on the buildings, some dating back to the Second World War. Loved seeing the older pictures, theclothes they wore and how the town had changed.


A lovely reminder of “how things used to be”


Now a little insight to what it takes to be a co pilot and what you need at hand, picture 1.


On dashboard a hat incase of extreme hair style failure, high vis incase I need to direct traffic (think that’s what it’s for anyway ?) and of course chilli plants 🤔 top shelf I have post-it notes, pens, nail file, 2 mobiles, mifi, tin whistle (incase we have an impromptu sing song) then the bottom self, a scarf incase of extreme cold, knitting when restless hands occur, calculator, sheet music (for the tin whistle of course) reading book and charger for the phone.

Picture 2


My rucksack filled with more essentials ( make up etc) 2 maps of europe and a bird book

Picture 3.


Side of the door, arm weight (just the one don’t want too much weight in the cab !) For bingo wing arm exercises, writing pad, and lastly a she pee just incase there are no toilets in a 30 mile radius. Now the pilot of the van says and I quote “you surround yourself with crap” umm just wait till our next sing song or maths lesson, he will soon see the Importance of my crap !!!



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