Saint Mathieu and La Chapelle-Montmoreau

04/11/18 – Arrive late at our resting place Saint Mathieu a lovely spot right by a large lake and walks.


Up next morning ready for a swim and jog…..yeh right, but oh no where is the lake (see the white spot opposite the lake that’s our van)


I see the no swimming sign, so that puts the kybosh on that idea, umm where is this lake….ah I think I see the problem


Info from a resident dog walker, they have drained it to find a leak ???? and it will take two weeks to fill it back up again. Nala enjoyed her walk


05/11/18 – 06/11/18 A visit to friends Dorothy and Brian, in the beautiful French countryside of La Chapelle at their


A wonderful welcome



We visit to the close town of Brentome

Dorothy the resident snapper, me the apprentice nearly missing the photo of the heron whilst snapping the snapper !

The church was rebuilt after the Hundred Years War

and it dates from the 15th century and is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Sicarius, one of the Holy Innocents from Bethlehem murdered by King Herod.


It is located on one of the numerous secondary routes from Vézelay to Santiago de Compostela, St. Sicarius was worshiped by many pilgrims. During the 19th century, the church was listed as a historical monument and restored by the architect Paul Abadie (1812-1884).

Sadly leave Wednesday afternoon, bye Dorothy and Brian ( umm look how sad they look !!)


heading for the boarder, although they have kindly offered to look after the dogs for a couple of months if we go to Oz again ………I’m sure they said months not weeks !!


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