St Maure-de-Tourane, Lathus Saint Rémy & Bellac

01/11/2018 – Sometimes there are just campsites that you just have to come back to and this is one of them, Aire du Bois Chaudron, 4 euros a night, all the amenities, which are extra but very reasonable, is one of those, so we stop for two nights.

4CC29C0C-EBB1-42DC-B4BE-7601F140E123Right next the a small forest, a short walk into town, supermarket a stones throw away and of course the close proximity to the cake shops, what more can you ask.

The French houses and buildings are so varied and spectacular, I just want to knock on the doors and have a good old nosey round.

AA89EFF8-A878-4185-9D65-0F5341B7BD4B Today’s cakes a Paris Brest, hazelnut cream in a light choux ring and a very citrus lemon custard, covered with raspberries and the crunchiest flaky pastry is my fav ……well up to now. Just love the cake boxes too.

Leave Saturday afternoon, Stopping for lunch by the wonderful and privately owned ! Chateau Bourg-Journet on the way


Homemade veg soup and the crunchiest of baguettes,  bellies full we head off for the  campsite for the night which was in Lathus Saint Remy

Another lovely part of the country and typical French village.

And look what we found on one of the tables an ashtray from Buckley !!!! (A town in North Wales near where we used to live)


And look at this a lamppost for short people…….how handy


04/11/18 – We head off again and stop for lunch in Bellac, its a beautiful day and we eat Al fresco by a river

Watched by the goats, the goat whisperer goes for a chat

Then have a wander into town a very steep one too, but well worth it for the views

And watch the flocks of squawking storks fly over migrating to Saharan Africa for the winter.  2E3EFAA9-AAE0-496B-936E-7A7AACFF4832

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