France and it can only mean one thing ……….CAKES !!!

29/10/18 – A late ish train on Monday 8.30pm which turned into 7.10pm for us Yey result and as we know where we are parking for the night it’s a quick half


hour drive to Gravelines, it’s a lovely place but every time we go there, it’s raining and blowing a hooley, tonight is no different. Only a cake will cheer us up and tonight’s choice is Tarte au Citron, suddenly the world has gone all Rosey coloured.


30/10/18 and as we travel South we find an aire in Montreuil


And as always we manage to find a cake shop on our walk around the town, today’s choice of yummyness is picked by David and a good choice too.

31/10/18 – lovely little stop off tonight in La Sap


Could have spent ages taking pictures of all the old buildings but was getting cold so only one.

My turn to cake pick today and it’s this lot, the mini eclairs were super scrummy hazelnut, chocolate, coffee and vanilla fillings

So many cakes, so little time ! Might have to up the daily quota.😀

I also picked up a salmon quiche and a baguette, so that was lunch sorted


Tomorrow we are heading off towards Tours, not much sun seen as yet ! South wards we go.

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  1. That tarte au citron looks yummy. Really enjoyed your post.

    Would you introduce yourself and share one of your beautiful posts at the November Tea-Party? You may have already seen a link for it in your WP Reader but just wanted to mention it as this month’s them is travel!


    1. Hi yes sure, what do I have to do ?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim says:

    Ooh yes, brings back great memories of delicious cakes. Have you tried a cafe gourmand? It is a selection of tiny desserts with a coffee – miam!


    1. Ohh no I haven’t, but will definitely look out for them 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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