Lost Gardens of Heligan and Rame

24/10/18 -25/10/18

Travelling around Cornwall, you do see some funny place names, chip shop is my fav up to now, followed by London apprentice, Antony, Cake, Crapstone to name but a few

Well todays travels take us to The Lost Gardens of Heligan  its been on my to see list for a while and it hasn’t disappointed add to that the wonderful weather and hey presto top marks. As an added bonus ….. I think ??, the mutts were allowed in, just not on the rope bridge !!

Some of the sculptures


The animals

The insect hotel and a very big inhabitant, front and side view.

The gardens, loved the 13 stone pumpkin !

The rope bridge

The walks

After our visit we look for a stop for the night, Mevagissey car park wanted £8.00 for the night just to park, so we travel on and  arrived at Rame right at the top of a steep hill, with a Coast guard station  manned by volunteers, what an interesting place, they pointed out the vessels on the sea and their details,  Eddystone lighthouse and its history.

Then a lovely walk to the chapel which was first licensed for Mass in 1397 and probably built just before that. We watched the sunset, the wild ponies and looked at the wonderful scenery. Thank you Mevagissey car park for being expensive.

Tomorrow back to Yelverton.

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