26/10/18 – Little drive and nosey around Torpoint then back to the Sky Lark Inn for luncheon, just a small nibble of spinach and ricotta cannelloni for me and a small fish and chips for David

Just managed to eat it all, good job they were only small portions, as we both have the appetites of sparrows !! 😉 and unfortunately they had no decaf coffee…. drat so had to have one of St Miguels finest.

Arrive back in Yelverton and as we have some carrots going spare decided to be brave and feed the ponies.

floor feeding from afar first

Then a built up to mouth feeding, as you can see I’m a natural.


But no the greedy blighter wanted the whole bag and was getting a bit too close for comfort, so chucked the remnants on the floor and scarpered back into the van.


Leaving the horse whisperer to do his work and a bit of bareback riding 😂 please note this picture was taken from the safety of the van.

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