Black Country Museum and Weymouth

15/10/18 – 19/10/18 A much awaited visit to The Living Black Country Museum

This cottage was lived in until 1968 when they dismantled it and rebuilt it at the museum, it had no electric or gas just the coal fire.

electric bus ?

Breakfast stop of red velvet cake and coffee, very naughty morning as we don’t usually have brekkie ! But it had to be done.

At one of the shops we were asked to guess what this was

After many wrong guesses and Dave pushing the middle down and breaking it ! We were told it was placed on the floor of the pub, the bottom was then filled with beer and cockroaches crept in had a little drink and ta ta Ewan ! ……

Some of the shops on site and the funfair, bit wet for today ! This place is so interesting, in each of the buildings there are people who tell you all about what it was like to live in the times they were built, we went down the mine and learned that children from the age of 10 worked 12 hours a day in the pitch dark.

Lunch at the museum was the much recommended fish and chips and let me tell you they lived up to expectations, am definitely going back just for the food !

My favourite shop, yes the cake shop, a purchase was of course necessary, a Viennese whirl and bun with cherry on the top finished off our lunch !

We paid £17.95 each to get in, but the ticket lasts for a year, well worth a visit really enjoyed it.

After leaving it’s a 4 ish hour drive to Weymouth, to join Yvonne, Phil and Jack for a couple of days exploring and eating out… yum yum.

Weymouth beach

Tuesday we go to the market in Dorchester, the fresh fruit and veg stalls are outstanding, fresh turmeric, galangal, smoked garlic and curry leaves to name a few then lunch in this place, just opposite the market

what a gem, homemade quiche, scones, cakes, butties and salads, great service and good prices.

Thursday and we take a trip to Durdul Door spectacular views and sun !!

My favourite pic is Nala watching the rest of the gang below

All too soon it Friday and it’s adios to Phil and Yvonne and pin in the map and where to for us .

We head for Dartmoor Forest, after lunch we feel the blood sugar levels dropping, so what to do ………??? A cream tea…. yes that’s the answer and a good one too at the Cross Street Cafe Moretonhampstead.

Refreshed we head on.

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