Chateau Larcher -Sainte-Maure de Touraine

Sunday 15/04/18 – Saturday 21/04/17

Our tea and biccy stop in the little village of Mansle


Then onto Chateau Larcher lovely little site €5.50 per night with electric,


had a wander into town


And in the morning a small 4km run, and the war of the planks not to brag no hold on a minute hell yes to brag my record is 4.30 minutes and Dave’s is 3.30 but to be fair he does run twice as far as me 😉


This is to make up for these darsdardly tasty Tarte au Citrons which must be eaten


Monday and Sainte-Maure de Touraine the sun has come out in force so we pitch up at Aire du Bois Chaudron


at €4.50 for the first night and €2.50 for each following night, free WiFi can’t go wrong, lovely little town,


which on strolling round find we have stopped here before, of all the town’s in all the world, what the chances of that ????

Oh and a great little Kiosk, close by which makes pizzas while you wait, the pizza craving has been fixed again …..thank you


Cheeky lunchtime cafe au lait and beer


And another one


But I feel someone is watching us !!!!


And walking back to the site I get that same feeling again.


Weird !!!!

Lastly look who we found, a little bat


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