St Jean-de-Luz – Lanton

Wednesday 11/04/18 – Friday 13/04/18

Another long, windy, wet road, we decide it’s campsite time for us and book into the Creme Erromardie Campsite, right by the sea, in St Jean-de-Luz lovely city but today is not the day to explore the wind is blowing a hooley and it’s freezing.


So we settle on a swim in the pool and a lovely hot shower after, ummm bliss what more could 2.2 weary travellers want ? A cake that’s what, good job we bought one ! So after our prawn salad  ( homemade)  it’s a millefleur

Thursday evening park in Arcachon lovely prom with a huge Ferris wheel and miles of beach,

Unfortunately someone got sand in her eyes, after a quick wipe Baby is better.

Parking site, not good, on the side of a road with some unsavoury characters with wobbly walks, carrying bottles of beer we have our tea and the wobbly walk gang seem to be getting bigger (2 police cars did check up on them !) so 8.00 pm we set off for pastures new and end up on Lanton, Friday sees us exploring


and deciding we want to live here when the premium bonds come in. Yes this will be our new french home and incidentally look who was born here


Go for lunch at Le Platane ,sea bass for Dave and Sea bream for me, have died and gone to heaven, done to perfection just need the bro and new to be sis-in-law here to translate !! Need to learn French now !!! Sacre bleu !!!!

Although my sea bream didn’t look too happy, look at those nashers !!!!


Our table overlooking the sea,


so we chill watching the tide come in


and eating our Creme Brulees


Time for a rest me thinks, later we go for a little walk…….oh no a Boulangerie not being too piggish we just have one cake between us, after many minutes decision making we decide on this bad boy


Lovely evening walk


Decide to spend another day here

so sit in the sun, read, go for a walk … past the boulongerie !!!!!



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