Posada de Valdeon – Bermeo

Sunday 09/04/18 –  Tuesday 11/04/18 head off into the mountain, and the Camino Santiago de Campostella.


our lunch stop


At 5 and a half thousand feet up we hit the real cold and snow.

See people with skis, so we stop for a quick snowball fight

And a snow rest


then head off to the tiny village of Posada de Valdeon, where our site for the night is, and luxury they have showers !!!!!


Get up in the morning for my shower, it’s either disabled and small cold room, or a let’s all shower together jobbie and a large cold room, that’s settled disabled it is, turn the shower on and the bloody thing is freezing, so there I am disabled, no heating and a freezing cold shower, back to the van for me, Dave is a hardy soul and turned up later a lovely shade of blue after his shower, and we paid for this site too !!!! But they did have donkeys and wonderful views

Monday and we travel all day, because the weather isn’t good but we spot a wild cat up in the snowy mountains


Stop in the beautiful village of Potes for a drink and a wander


and a couple of Spanish cakes, recon they must be good as so close to the French border …..no fooled again they look fancy ish but no not up to scratch


Tuesday and we arrive in Bermeo, again wet and rainy so not at its best, exploring cut short.

Walk down by the harbour

And someone wants justice for this chappie, don’t know who he is but he was everywhere !!!

Letters on a postcard please !

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