Zamora to Bonar

Friday 07/04/18 to Saturday 08/04/18

Zamora and another lovely parking spot for the night looking out at this view


Over  the city and  the River Duero

and of course more churches the Santa Maria Magdalena de Zamora, and storks !!

The plaza where the trees and flowers are in full bloom.

The Palacio de Los Momos

The Plaza de la Cathedral.


Saturday and we arrive late in Bonar, long windy roads, park just outside of a small town. Below is the Memorial stone to the farmer Livestock dealer closing a deal with a handshake …. no idea why they would have the statue for that but hey ho !!

with the mountains behind us, by a river and small forest

The campsite next door has a cross in the middle of a big field ??? Holy football, saintly rounders ??


And a field of wonky trees ….according to Dave, I thought they were straight !!


Me or the trees you decide ?


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