Caseres to Plasencia

Tuesday 03/04/18 – Thursday 05/04/18

Have a wander around Caseres, keep finding places we haven’t seen before


Have a last coffee


Its a bit of a funny day black clouds one side of us


And lovely blue skies the other !!!


Well get the van back on Thursday all fixed and happy 😊 brand spanking new clutch, and brakes, so it’s goodbye Caseres, after a quick shop,  then stop for lunch, by this beautiful place, sun is shining and eagles flying overhead, what more could we want, oh and Narly is exploring.


Then drive on to our site for the night in Plasencia, which is by the side of a river and the Parque De La Isla


Plasencia is a city in western Spain, well known for its medieval walls


and old quarter.


The Plasencia Cathedral complex consists of the Old Cathedral


a 13th-century Romanesque building, and the New Cathedral,


begun in the 15th century, with Gothic and Renaissance elements. So much too see, but think I may be getting “churched out” now, lovely as they are !!

Our obligatory cafe con leche y cerveza in the main square being looked at by the abuelo clock and lastly the wonderful sight of huge storks flying over



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