Caseres – Semana Santa

Monday 26/03/18 – Sunday 01/04/18

A beautiful day so sod the garage, sat in the sun and watched the Griffon Vultures, circling overhead, (stuck Nala in the  van, just incase they got a bit peckish !!) counted l6 a wonderful sight and even better with the binocs.

The site we are staying at is Camping Caseres

which is a nice little site, with some lovely walks close by.

Tuesday and it’s time to sort the van time, as “luck” would have it there is a Fiat garage opposite the campsite. Drive there in first and second gear as the clutch is being very naughty ( there is a clue here to the problem) the garage is very busy so was told to come back at 5, can’t reverse so here is a tip for anyone else with a naughty clutch, turn the engine off put in reverse and turn it back on again !!!! Easy when you know how. Anyway here is another tip if the mechanic comes to you with a very sad face and says it is “very bad”, it’s going to cost you !!!! It is also Semana Santa and they can’t fit us in till Monday.


And they need it for 3 days, “luckily” (there’s that word again) the campsite have rooms to rent.

Next day a stroll around the old part of town.

And on Friday we go to watch the Semana Santa (holy week) procession. The pointed hats you can see are called Capirote and are part of the uniform of some of the brotherhoods during Easter.

This procession started at 11.00 and finished at 1.00 o’clock and they are carry the pasos (the floats)  which are very heavy, and it’s hot.

Spot people with cake boxes !!! Hello this one will do nicely, sort of Almondy, lemon shortbreads, all we need now is a cuppa.


Second procession of the day, this time a fetching blue gown and Capirote.

Sunday and it’s the first time I try out the Remoska well excuse my French but “SHIT A BRICK” !!! why have I not used this marvelous thing before now, cooked cheese and veg stuffed peppers with a spicy tomato sauce took 30 mins !!!

And I know I am blowing my own trumpet but they were bloody gorgeous.

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