Badajoz to Caceras

Friday 23/03/18 – Sunday 25/03/18

Badajoz city has a degree of eminence, crowned as it is by the ruins of a Moorish castle

and overlooking the Guadiana river,

which flows between the castle-hill and the powerfully armed fort of San Cristobal. The architecture of Badajoz is indicative of its tempestuous history; even the Badajoz Cathedral,


built in 1238, resembles a fortress, with its massive walls

The 3 poets Luis Alvarez Lencero, Manuel Pacheco Conejo and Jesus Delgado Valhondo. It is the largest bronze in the Extremadura weighing 5000 kilos.


Quick stop for a coffee and duck !!!! WHAT !!! Nala no likey Mr Duck


Dave finishing his run, thank goodness i did the shorter run so I could take this pic.


I think I am the only person I know who can go backwards in the running stakes, so while Dave is heading towards a marathon I am doing the 10km to bugger all run !!!


And I am very trying !!!

Sunday and we leave for Casares, the van is a bit iffy so Monday we must look for a garage ……wish us luck. Beautiful yellow fields coming into Casares

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