A visit to friends is needed.

Almunecar to Alhama de Granada to Cala de Mijas – 15/03/18  – 18/03/18

We decide to leave Almunecar and head up to see our friends Leia, Sugar, Bella and her 9 pups…..oh I mean Denise and Paul in Alhama de Granada.


Alhama de Granada is a town in the province of Granada, the name is derived from the thermal baths located there, which are called الـحَـمّـة al-hammah in Arabic.


The Alhama de Granada Castle is located in the town center of Alhama, right next to the Carmen Church and the Pila de la Carrera Fountain, opposite the town hall. The castle is now privately owned.

We spent a lovely day chatting, going for a meal at Maison de Diego, cod with garlic and tomatoes yum, yum, and cheesecake for afters.


and watching Denise and Paul’s 10 guests, a mother dog Bella


and her 9 ….yes 9 pups.


And of course not forgetting their own 2 fur babies Leia and Sugar


Nala loved them so much she couldn’t help smiling


But alas they couldn’t stand anymore smiles off Nala and decided to  chill on another chair


Next day we say adiós to Denise, Paul and clan


and head off to Cala de Mijas, which means only one thing CAKES !!!!!


Which also means a run, so not a bad trade


the sun is shining so in the morning we do another run along the prom !!!! but weighted down with cakes I can’t run as far, but manage to run faster.


The smell from the orange blossoms was wonderful


Then we take the mutts for a 9km walk and partake in a beer and tea on the prom


After our walk we decide to rest up with a cuppa, but someone has beaten Dave to it


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