Hurricane Emma has hit us

Tues 27/02/18 – Sat 03/03/18

Well our penultimate day in Comares we have a walk up to the camping bar for our ” last Comares meal”. I am togged out with my thermal top, M&S gilet and leggings (a Chrissy pressie from the mother) don’t want to be too hot, weather a bit nippy so should be fine.


Being a creature of habit, I have the grilled cod again and so does Dave, we have a starter of Pil Pil prawns and being little piggy wigs, we have nearly scoffed it before I have talked a pic !!!!


We also have a pud, homemade Tiramisu with ice cream, yum yum


While we have been eating the view has disappeared and it’s not just raining it’s teaming down !!! I am cold already so we see if we can order a taxi….no we cannot,


It’s a 20 minute walk for us, luckily the bar owner lends us 2 brollys, so we end up only  two thirds soaked


Thankfully I have sensible walking in the rain shoes !!!! NOT nice soggy slip ons.


Next day we wave goodbye to torrential rain in Comares, rivers where there weren’t any just a day before and cold winds. Stop off at the Cruz bar for brekkie, garlic eggs for Dave and pan con tomatoes for me. Bellys full we head back to Camping Tropical, although Tropical it ain’t at the moment.

A few days spent mooching in the van, till we see a break in the weather and it’s out for a walk, we have never seen water in this River bed before.


we make the most of it and do a 12 km, that has blown the cobwebs away !

Been cooking too Dave made the best veggie curry ever and it was.


The bed brat couldn’t care how long we have to stay in the van !!!


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