On holiday with Hoon

Wednesday 14/02/18 – Thursday 22/02/18 Comares

Well big surprise June arrived from U.A.E we get to see her and stay in a house !!! Win win spent a lovely week chilling, catching some rays, nattering, eating, laughing and playing cards, yes the Almunecar 3 are back, June pretends she has forgotten how to play !!! Umm we know this wiley card shark of old and guess who wins ???? Yes Mrs I have forgotten how to play


Have some lovely walks up to Comares town

Gaze at the stunning scenery


passing the goat man with his goats and dogs !!


Say hello to Diego the donkey

img_1549 Get brave after a few beers and have chat and pat !!! Bit like meet and greet only donkeyfied


nearly step on hissing Sid on the way home, in fact I thought it was dead and was going to pick it up, but his little head followed me when I went near him…….yeeeks


and we even take a couple of runs up the very steep roads to Comares….. my favourite bit is running back because it’s all down hill.

Had some lovely meals in the sun at the camping bar

And a few beers and a lovely Spanish coffee in the bar on the square in Comares.


All too soon it’s time for June or as we now call her Hoon (as one of her Spanish friends called her, this tickled us and we have been calling her this all week, Hoon obviously didn’t click so on the last day we enlightened her, so next time we see her she may bring Hane !!!) to go home.

After lunch, in the camping bar


we have a lovely walk up to the castle

Hoon being the show off she is starts limbering up to run home, but when i point out her foot attire, she settles on a stroll home.


Nala has loved her “house time” and is thoroughly chilled

And Baby is Baby of course, oblivious but still the selfie queen, this is her sun goddess pose !


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