Its getting warmer

06/02/18 – 08/02/18 – Stop on an Aire in Vera for the night, to do some washing….us and the clothes. Can finally go hatless for  a few days till the ratstails reappear and it’s  back on again. The sun is shining with no cold wind blowing, bliss, tan here I come, well after our run ….5k must get back into it !!!

07/02/18 – Stop in Garrucha for lunch and a stroll along the front watch a huge container being pulled out of the harbour by two small tugs.


The virgin and child on the beach


Then on to Mojacar for the night, drove to the top to take some pics


Then down to the beach for the night, 6km run the next day and it’s off again around the coast where we end up in La Isleta


Lovely place on the Cabo De Gato national park, next morning we climb up the nearby mountain …..ok hill to see the views.


Unfortunately we have two returns, the bed brat is back


And the selfie queen has reappeared Baby !!!!


This is the only one that passed the mustard the others I quote ” make me look fat” it’s going to be a long 3 months !!!!

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