Spain and a turtle

30/01/18 – Sant Carles de la Rapita Well after 3 weeks it’s time for a run, so up and out for a little run, then back for the dogs and the same route but a walk this time and a last few pics.

Leave for a site on the Delta Ebre, but there’s a road block, so we spend a hour getting lost and another wrong turn on the wrong side  of the road, ending in me shouting “shit” down phone to the mother who I was on the phone to !!! give up and look for another site, end up in Sant Carles de la Rapita, lovely harbour where we park for the night

after an”ok” from the Guardia Civil (chatting in Spanish !!! Get me,) The fishing boats are all coming in, so  we go for a snoop


Then stop off in the harbour cafe for a beer and a coffee 3 euros, bargain!! and watch the fishermen. The harbour police come past and are inspecting a box, being nosey I go for a look, now never in my Duolingo learning did I think I would use this word, but I did “Tortuga” ? and yes it was.


31/02/18 – Up next morning for another run, feeling …very virtuous, we head off for Benicassim, our choice of parking is a car park next to an aerodrome, many motorhomes already parked there. Love watching the planes and helicopters taking off and landing.

We take a walk (10km) along the prom, Nala can’t wait to get on the beach, and chase the birds

And we watch a couple of people taking paragliding lessons. Then its reward time


Don’t mind if I do….Dave’s free beer from his night run in Barmouth last year 😀

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