I like to move it, move it

09/01/18 – 15/01/18 Well it’s all go literally in the Howells/Halfpenny household, time to roll up our sleeves and get painting !!!!! WHAT, yes only 5 rooms to do


Dave paints al a Aussie style


Well what a team between us all the painting is done, next the removal men turn up.

I recognize those two happy workers. Goodbye McCombs Avenue hello new house.

A celebratory meal for our last night in Oz at Rockingham as usual the food was yummy. Right by the harbour with the Christmas tree lights treaded through the trees, so pretty.

Before we know it, it’s time to head back to blighty, our view of Dubai after the first 11 hour flight, no stopover this time boohoo.

Back home and a few days rest at Yvonne and Phil’s and a happy reunion with Nala and Baby. Then it’s testing the van and sorting it out. Two nights at the Little Roodee car park in Chester, so I do something I did last when I was about 10 a gazillion years ago, walked around the walls of Chester, a long, long walk as I remember !!!!! Ummm not

Even though I have lived near and visited Chester so much, it really is a lovely city. The van needs a good run so it’s off to Llangollen

and we wild camp just out side the town by the panorama walk, what stunning views and the sun came out to greet us. Just need to know what the ruin was on the hill, so it off to Google for me.


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