Out with the old in with the new, hello 2018

31/12/17 – 08/01/17  Three nights left in Margaret River, see us visit The Berry Farm for wine, jam, pickles and God knows what else tasting…..ummm don’t mind if I do.

Then it’s a quick wash and change and on to the common for New Year’s Eve meal, which would have been lovely if they hadn’t run out of the specials boo boo. They did apologize and didn’t charge us for the replacement specials or all of the sweets, which were yummy and so to was the local beer

Next day it’s off to Mammoth Cave, which is one of Australia’s most important paleontological digs in the early 1900’s home to ancient fossil remains of long extinct giant animals known as Australian Megafauna.

And out

Feeling a bit peckish we head off to the The White Elephant Cafe for stunning views and some lunch time grub


But someone can’t stand the pace and is in the land of Nod, me thinks Frankie’s pram is a tad small for a sleepy Lilah x


All too soon it’s time to head home, stop of in Mandurah


for a lunch break


We shared 3 starters, salt and pepper squid rings, feta brushetta, and crab and prawn croquettes, super yummy.

Couple of days tanning and we find these guys, think they are little slow worms, how cute look at their teeny legs and arms.


And this horror


Not touching this one !!!! No siiiiirrrrteeee.

Some super good news Soph and Richie have just bought their first house together and have the keys, its time to get to work !!!!!!!


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