Goodbye Christmas hello holibobs part 2 Bunbury

Boo26/12/17 – 28/12/17

After the Christmas festivities its off to Bunbury for us, staying at the Bunbury village


Wednesday sees us off to the wild dolphin centre

The aquariums filled with weird and wonderful tropical fish, star fish, squid and lobsters

Next was seeing the wild dolphins up close and personal, what a wonderful experience

A bit of burying the kids who had, had enough by then, so after unburying themselves we head off for grub. We arrive at the The Backbeach Cafe Where we again consume a gorgeous amount of gorgeous food

Walk down the prom then off to buy Ice-creams …….. ok ok I know, naughty but nice !!!!!

The next day sees us off to Bunbury wildlife park (after a morning run !!!! Ummm maybe the ice-cream wasnt such a good idea) to see birds

Feed some kangaroos and stroke them, ahh they have such soft fur


A dingo or two


The odd wombat


Then onto the park, but for me and Dave a quick game of hopscotch

After a lovely morning with the animals we head off to the Vittoria Bay Restaurant for a spot of lunch and some stunning views

Lastly a little jolly to Gravity for a bounce !

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