Christmas is here

23/12/17 -25/12/17 Off to the Freemantle market for the baby animal petting, I think I was more excited than the kids, how much did I want to take this piglet home.


I have never forgiven Dave for not buying me one for my 50th !!!! Although he may not have fit the lifestyle, wonder if you can get a pig passport ?

Then a trip down by Freemantle harbour, such a beautiful place.

And onto Coast, where we had the most gorgeous food, warm turkish bread with dips followed by fish tacos, tortilla chips, guac, salsa and salad, yum, yum

Then a quick wander down to the beach for a lovely walk and swim.

After the beach its back home to see

our tree full of Cockatoos.

Then what do you know Christmas day is here bright and early 6.00 a.m. to be precise !!!!

All was going well in the parcel opening department till a rolling pin welding maniac appeared !!!!


We sent out for doctor mcstuffin just on the off chance things turned nasty


With no injuries it was onto Justin and Annikas for Christmas Ozzie and brit style, starters were crayfish which I had never tried, ummm super yummy and large prawns done on the barbi


Then chrissy dinner and salads followed by cheesecake, trifle, pavlova and Christmas pud. Soooo full.


Then play time for the kids, little

And big (Evie having a lesson off Craig on her new geee tar)


And a visit from Santa Richie


And now the final pics of the day, wonderful time had by all.

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