Off on our holidays

Fridahy 15/12/17 – Friday 22/13/17.         Off on our holibobs on our holibobs to Woodman Camping Park, lovely little house for Dave and I and lovely neighbours.


Ah look a visit from one of our neighbours


Lovely evening chatting to Justin, Annika, Nicole, Reece, Sienna, Charley, Pat, Charlie and of course our lot. Oh and one other visitor a possum


Saturday morning sees the grand departure for brekkie

Museli trifle for me, super yummy


And breakfast buschetta for Dave


Then off to the Coogee beach, for my first Oz sea swim,  fantastic

The park next where Frankie had a chat to his new friend.


Then back to the house for the live wire child to body paint

Next day its chilling and a bit of home activities

Frankie cant last the pace

Tuesday and its off to Bibra Lake and some fun for the kids at the park

Spotted this unusual fellow or lady, just googled it an Australian white Ibis as the Ozzie expert Rich told me first it was a duck then a kiwi !!!


6.00 and its too much for Lilah, even Peppa pig cant keep her awake !!!


And finally a trip into Freemantle

Down to the harbour for a look round and huge ice creams and then a look around the market.

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