Arrived in Oz

11/12/17 – 14/12/17 – Arrive early hours of Monday morning (2.00am) have a sleep then enrol at the gym !!!! am I mad ……err yes, treadmill and weights here I come, Monday evening go to see Evie in her ballet show, no pics allowed !!!! No just found this pic Soph snuck in.


Tuesday – see Lilah and Frankie in their gym class

This made me laugh Lilah saying to the teacher throw me the rope


Then its off for a quick shop and Lilah spots Father Christmas and wants to see him, we book them in and joy turns to terror they both don’t much like ole father xmas


Again no pics allowed as they were trying to sell us extortionately priced pics, but took them anyway, ha ha eat my shorts picture money robbers !!!


End the day with a bit of trampolining

Wednesday –  its the gym again a hit class followed by a spin class, first and last spin class I am not a fan. Then down to Congee Beach for some lunch and a chill on the beach

Parakeets in the garden tree

Thursday – Kings Park and we go the see the The Lotterywest Federation Walkway


There is so much to see here the war memorial

The botanical gardens

And the views are spectacular


And a kookaburra













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