Last day in Dubai

10/12/17 – Last day in Dubai, so we say sad goodbye to Ras al-Khaimah and June and get the bus into Dubai (in the bus station, rulers old and new)


and say hello to Paul and Lama who are going to show us around Dubai central, first we drive past The Dubai Frame which divides old Dubai from new Dubai, designed by Fernando Donis, it has its grand opening in January 2018. There will be a museum on the ground floor and the 2 towers are connected by a 100 square metre bridge which has a 25 square metre glass panel in the middle.


We then take a river boat over the river to visit a souk, this at the pricely sum of 2 dirhams each (40p) return !!!!

Have a quick whizz around the souk before we are sold a kaftan and some spices and take a look around old Dubai

Art work about the current ruler

Then a trip to see the Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building 2,722ft.


Then onto the largest mall in world the Dubai mall, where we had a gorgeous meal of Lebanese mezzes at Al Hallab Restaurant so gorgeous didnt stop to take a pic. We had stuffed vine leaves,


grilled halloumi, Labneh,


falafel and much, much more, with a regular supply of hot bread. As we sat outside with the sun going down we watched the fountain display

And the Burj Khalifa at night


Then back to our hotel ready for our early flight to Oz. Oh and one last thing tried a new fruit called a mangosteen, it has little garlic clove like pieces inside and tastes like strong peach….very yummy

UAE you will see us again.

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