Oz via Dubai

06/12/17 – The Waldorf Hotel for the Christmas celebrations, met Jenna, Malcolm and Leisi, for an evening of mulled wine, gingerbread men and stollen. Beautiful christmas decs

And a beautiful hotel

Thursday sees us lunching in the golf club in Ras al Khaimah


Then an unexpected visitor when we get home is quickly disposed of, we later learn from the local spider expert (Malcolm) that its a camel spider, phew good job June is quick on the fly spray or we could have been tea for this monster


08/12/17 – After our brush with death we all go camel hunting and Malcolm decides to show us how fast he can drive/skid up the dunes, Leisi loved it !!!! I on the other hand had my rollercoaster face on. We then spot the camels

Malcolm now informs us there is a rogue camel that chases visitors, so I stick by car and let everyone go ahead, ever the hero ! We then go and explore an abandoned castle/arabian monument, which seems safe phew.

We skid home, via the Corniche for abit of people watching and coffee and cake


Later on we hear singing and go to see the preparations of a wedding, there is much singing and cane waving, all done by men in traditional dress, all looking very handsome by the way, its the old uniform thing gets me everytime. I am now encouraging Dave to grown a thicker beard, then all I have to do is find a ruse to get him in the white flowing arab dress !!!

As we were standing watching we were served cardamom tea (very strong and an aquired taste) and a sweet warm turkish delight sweet filled with almonds. Lovely end to a lovely day. Oh but not quite, finsh the day off with a hot Thai papaya salad and spring rolls cooked by the Thai lady across the road who does take aways ……ummm thanks Tuk very nice.

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