The end is here

29/11/17 – Well yesterday was our last working day in Hendre Mynach, said goodbye to Mal and Sue who left last week and are also going to pastures new and had a lovely Christmas meal at Bermo Bistro with all the gang. Yum, yum.


The van is now near as dam finished the seat finally arrived today after a 2 week wait !!!!


They don’t match, but due to no bloody time to spit now, beggers can’t be choosers, they are comfy and they do work so that’s fine with us. The ” oven” arrived last week, our see all and cook all Remoska has yet to be tried.


I have been promised an oven next year if I really needed one !!! Watch this space. The rest of the van has been completed, just need to load everything on, then in January let the adventure begin, Espania here we come.

The spice bottles are all labeled up and filled

Met up with this little chap again this month, my 8th grandchild Giorgio, who is just so kissable and cuddly.


The weather is really turning now and the mountains have a lovely (from afar) covering of snow, just caught the end of a rainbow too


And lastly come Tuesday we are off to Dubai for 5 days to crash with the lovely June, one of the old Almunecar 3, then off to Oz for Christmas with Soph and gang, can’t wait for the fun to begin. Last thought of the day is with our spoilt brat, who we will miss so much but is being left in the very capable hands of Yvonne and Phil

And Mrs calm but dim Baby ahhhh love her to pieces too


Little visitor last night, Nala had to stick her huge snout in


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