I see the end coming

22/10/17 – Visits from friends this week, not seen Kev and Cheryl for ages so had a good catch up and little trip up to Criceith, stroll around the town and up to the castle.

And of course a trip to Criceith means Dylans for lunch …..yum yum.

28/10/17 – Well it’s back to work for a month, so its evening and 2 days off a week van work. The kitchen work tops are coming along, Dave has installed the second roof vent and the tongue and groove is getting bigger !!! on the ceiling

12/11/17 – This is us up to now, the solar panel is up and running, the worktops are fitted,


the hob and sink are in


and working, and most exciting the front seat swivel base is fitted. The back door panels have been carpeted


The cabinet for the gas it, has been metal lined and installed and we are doing the painting and glossing ect.


We now have 2 and a half weeks to finish the van, pack up all our stuff for our move from Hendre Mynach, get organized for our trip to Dubai/Oz and then Spain……… Arghhhh so much to organize.


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