Harlech and beyond

18/10/17 – Well busy day today up nice and early for the vans MOT in Harlech. Walked up to the castle while it was being done, beautiful day. Now did you know that it was built by Edward I during his invasion of Wales between 1282 and 1289 at the substantial cost of £8,190, which sounds a humungous amount in those days, also what always amazes me is that the sea came up to the castle, if you have ever been there you will know the vast amount of land between there now.

Then spotted a sculpture I hadnt seen before, bit of interesting reading.


Well yipee the van passed, stopped off at a clearance place and purchased some wood for the conversion, then the local builders for more wood and ply. Then back to the van for more work, another job for bodgit and scarper ….moi ! Yes the headboard has been installed.img_0227

Along with the leisure battery “house”, and the inverter.


more insulation on the roof,


The split charge relay ! ???? Dont ask !!!


Oh and most exciting for me the start of the cabinets, this one will have the sink in it. The new house is coming along nicely.


So onwards and upwards, tomorrow friends coming so a day off.

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