Rebuilding and running

30/09/17 – We now have a month to get going on the van, so this is us up to now


First things first tea for the two workers

Most of the insulation is now done apart from the roof and bits around the window, skylight has been ordered so thats the next job along with sanding the floors ready for the lino to go down. The main bed frame has been screwed in and the struts cut, but not attached yet, due to skylight going in.


As well as house on wheels building we have been “training” ha ha for the Llyn Alwen Trail run 11.5km more than I have ever run, it was a 90 minute drive there and a 9.30 am start !!!! Everyone looks very professional and like “proper” runners, am I the only fake ??.

The scenery is stunning and the race, much to my surprise is quite enjoyable, we finished in 1 hour 11 minutes, I came 35th out of 89 women !!!! Not such a faker after all.


Oh and did I tell you I won a medal ???

The only downside is I have become medal crazy !!!

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