Its finally window installation day

19/09/2017  – Well we have been insulating like crazy when work, time and weather allows. Still not finished, but can at last see an end. The floor is insulated and down.


Spare room is getting emptied, thank goodness as the work is getting done. I am now apprentice carpenter !!!! Sweeper, foam filler and most importantly tea maker.


Last week we went on scouting duty for rough sawn 2 be 1 (carpenter talk !!!) as not one place round here had any, anyway had to drive through Harlech, which when you can see the coastline and beach, it is spectacular. So thought I would take some pics.

Now to install our first window

How bloody posh are we, tomorrow brings more insulating, foiling and putting some of the struts of the bed in, oh yes and need to fit a run in as we are doing the Alwen reservoir,11.5km run on Sunday. Good job we have a week off work.


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