Daisy is coming on s l o w l y.

Well we have a name, after 2 boys rupert and seamus we now have Daisy, am thinking her name in curly writing on the front, entwined with daisies, now just need to convince Dave !!!! Anyway back to what we have been up to, after putting up the rattle trap boards its insulation, insulation, insulation, 1 large roll takes 1 hour to use up


More is needed a quick trip back to Mold to catch up with Soph and Frankie who are on a whistlestop tour of Mold from Oz along with

uncle Wal and Naomi. Then on to see Sam, Natalie, Cherry, Pepper, Lola and Jasper, entertained with stories, running races, animal care ( lola has a new kitten) I was told he must not go on the top bunk bed because he will be terrified and die !! Just to prove the point Cherry took him up and I am glad to say he was ok and didnt die…….Phew !!!

Then off to B&Q for some more insulation, and back to Barmouth with the goods.

29/08/17 – more insulation, metal painting the screw holes,  then on to foil bubble wrapping the insides and lastly sticking foil tape on any gaps, more of this tomorrow me thinks.

Then an 7km run, because we havent had time since last week and I have let Dave persuade me to do the Alwen 11.5km run in 3 bloody weeks !!!! Ok he didnt persuade me I got blinded by the promise of a medal at the end and a tshirt.

And only a bloody commemorative bespoke water bottle !!!!!!. Life just doesnt get any better than this.


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