The new van has landed !!!!!

Last week we picked up our new van


Quick check to see if Dave will fit in the new bed to be

and its a yes.


So first job taking the ply lining out and the bulk head and last little job filling the screw holes in the floor.


First jobs completed, I learn from the “boss” ha ha that the next job is stuffing the struts and things like struts with insulation, a roll of 12 metres of the stuff is ordered. Tuesday arrives and luckily so does the stuffing, an hour and a half later and its all gone !!!! another 3 rolls on order, and tomorrow the windows are being ordered.


Well thats enough about the van just thought I would put some pics of the months seen on site, so beautiful




And just a little p.s. and tips on the van conversion are most welcome x

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  1. June says:

    My goodness that was quick!!! You got the new van before i had a chance to say ‘Adio’ to Shamus!!!!! (spelling a bit…!!) Welcome new van you look, in height very neat….just like your new mum and dad! Look forward to seeing how the newest family member progresses….always so nice to hear from you two. Much love to you ALL..miss you June xxxx


    1. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take us too long as we have people to see and places to go, not sure which places or people but will work that out further down the road !!! X hopefully meet up some time in the not too distant future, lots of luv x x x us


  2. June says:

    ermmmm moths look beautiful…..someone not cleaning!!!! Just saying!!! ha ha


    1. Cleaning ?? What is this cleaning you speak of ??


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