Thursday 27/04/2017

Leave Never, but make sure to stop at the most wonderful Patisserie ever, the array was bloody wonderful

Omg what to pick ?????? Well this is what we picked, and bloody gorgeous they were thank you.


On our way to the campsite passed through misery !!! Ahhh poor town, have tried to google how it got its name but to no avail.


In readiness for the cake eating when we arrive at our campsite, Camping Merry sur Yonne an Acsi site €11.00 per night, we take lovely 14km walk along the canal to Chateau consoir.

Also taking their dogs for a walk was a shadow man and his 2 shadow dogs


The map my walk app on my phone confirms we have used 659 calories…..yahoooooooo 1 cake down. Dogs now dog tired !!!!!


#motorhoming #merrysuryonne #travellers

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