Bonascre to Lisle-s-Tarn

Sunday – Monday – Tuesday

23/04/2017 – 24/04/2017 – 25/04/2017 Arrive at our camperstop, right by a lake and forest, lovely walks and runs !!! and the sun is shinning so we stay 2 days.

Take a stroll into town for a cafe au lait or two

Some weird and wonderful buildings


Only thing with the campsite was the trees were full of what looked like cotton blobs, so any breeze and it looked like it was snowing. On another note I did a run around the lake 17 mins without stopping a Karen best !


Thursday – travel to Blesle its raining and miserable, but is right by a river and by the morning its brightened up, so run around the site and a new Karen record 20 mins without stopping.blesle-15273-7_w300

#motorhomes #travellers #france #camperstops

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