Andorra to Ax Bonascre

Saturday 22/04/2017 – Leaving Andorra, via the Pyrenees, wonderful scenery, but very cold, so on with the scarf, cardi and Ugg boots. Stopped at the very top for our lunch, in the Refuge, coffees, veg and anchovies on toast and racelette cheese on potatoes confit. €20.79


Then drove on to Ax-les-Thermes, where, what the heck, how did this happen, in France for 5 minutes and a Paris Brest appears in my hand !!!!!


Lovely little town, so had a wonder around

And sit by the river, where as you can see, it’s boiling hot, so on with the summer togs again.

Then up into the hills to our camper stop, on a skiing site, which is all closed down for the season and so quiet it’s eerie.



#France #motorhoming #travellers

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