Wednesday 12/04/17 – Sunday 16/04/2017
Well working through my jetlag, the only thing a person can do is rest and eat, plus all the supermarkets are shut Thursday and Friday so we have to go out to eat !! Drat and double drat as Robin would say to batman. Stop at a lovely little restaurant on the beach


langostines with avocados for me and mixed fish croquettas for Dave, bit taken aback by the portion size, but plowed through it like the troopers we are.

Then langostines and monkfish kebabs for Dave

And cod pil pil for me

Getting loads of lovely walks in along this beautiful coastline, before we leave, really going to miss Almunecar.

Oh and I am back on to the running malarkey, second day back ran the longest time ever (for me) without stopping 13.34 mins, might not sound much, but a huge step for Karen McHarrie, did 4km the first run then lasted 14.14 mins before stopping the second run and ran 4.5km. Fingers crossed the crunchy knee doesn’t return.

#5km #Almunecar #eatingbythesea #travellers

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