Adios Australia

And Well what a wonderful 6 weeks it’s been, time has gone so fast, but meeting Frankie for the first time, was so special and he is gorgeous


seeing how Lilah has changed so much, such a character and making me laugh with our talks


and of course Evie, who is my gorgeous and doing so well with her trampolining and tumbling.


going into school with her to be a cookery helper was amazing, such a lovely school and not forgetting my lovely daughter Sophie and her equally lovely other half Richie.


Thanks for making my stay wonderful.

Favourite “tourist attraction” was the C Restaurant in Perth for the stunning, stunning, stunning views and the high tea wasn’t bad too ! (Yummy)

Some many places to pick for for my favourite food place, but I’m going to go with The Kiosk small place by the Swan river.

Oh and must mention in The Reveley Perth, for the most delicious Turkish bread, with hummus and Dukah. I could live on it !


And just a few other random pics and thoughts

And a few lovely none mad ones !

And a not so nice orb spider


Now know I like pale ale, well nice.


And lastly the view from by “business class” seat on the Malaga flight back. My first and last probably only because they had over booked !


#Oz #Australia #Perth #Crestaurant #traveller #thekiosk




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