Kid free in Perth city

Friday 07/04/2017 – Perth city

Well today is the day, it’s a trip into Perth City with Sophie for a kid free day, say bye to Richie on kid duty,


we start off with a manicure and pedicure, massage chair, bliss gold sparkle for me.

Pop into a few shops and see some of the landmarks.

Time for lunch and we decide on the The C Restaurant, if you are ever in Perth this place is a must,  located on the 33rd floor of St Martins Tower, on George’s Terrace. C Restaurant is Western Australia’s only revolving restaurant. the views are just stunning it takes 90 minutes to complete the full 360 degrees. High tea for us with loads of bubbly, we should have booked but they found us a table x

Then because I is special look what our waiter Christian brought me as I was a visitor to Perth….. hard luck Sophie

Food was super yummy, but nothing could top the views, actually took my breath away.

Then some more pics before we leave for home, by the footsteps in time statues.

Reflecting the business like history of the city of Perth, Western Australia, are a series of five statues of business men, each representing one commercial epoch. The statues are located at the entrance to 44 St George’s Terrace, St Martins Tower, a major business centre. Also the site of the first business man’s club in Perth.

The five men are: the Dutch from the 17th century, who first explored the region; Anglo-Celtic (the English), who colonised the Swan River Settlement, now Perth; the gold rush days of the mid to late 19th century, which brought money and people to Western Australia; the post Second World War days, when the state again experienced a large influx of people; and last, but certainly not least, the busy and important business man of the early 21st century, clutching to his ear his mobile phone.

The statues are arranged chronologically in a curved line, striding towards the entrance to St Martins, the earliest closest to the road side footpath, with the latest, near that entrance.

The statues were dedicated in 2004, commemorating the 175th anniversary of the settlement of Western Australia.

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