Friday 31/03/17 – A trip into Fremantle to have a look around the markets and then some food, stopped at a lovely restaurant The Kiosk, right by the Swan River


This river always has dolphins says Soph, were there any today urmmmm no, ah well will have to come back again !


where Sophie had a breakfast, not just any old breakfast but a Kiosk one. Pesto on the mushrooms, two perfect poached eggs and homemade baked beans !


And I had a bruschetta brekkie, 2 perfect poached eggs, rocket, sour dough toast, avocado, feta and balsamic vinegar, perfect


This one had some bacon, sausage and toast


Totally stuffed we stroll around Fremantle looking for Tshirt for my other half, 10 mins into the search Soph is starving for this


She tries to tempt me, but I sit by and watch her eat, being strangled by my halo.


#Freemantle #dolphins #food

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