Perth – Swan Bell Tower

Thursday 30/03/17 – Well a trip today into Perth City, as we were driving in I spot this building. What’s that place I ask Sophie “it’s the The Swan Bell and you can climb to the top (via the stairs or lift she means not via ropes and crampons !)

So off we set to explore, first the entrance, with all the lovelocks.

Then up the six floors to the top and wonderful views of Perth city

A bit of the history – from grand olde London

Then a stroll over Elizabeth Quay bridge

Then onto a picture stop at Noongar artist Laurel Nannup’s sculpture First Contact faces the river at Elizabeth Quay. It refers to a story about the arrival of the British settlers to form the colony in 1829. The local Aboriginal people thought that these sailing ships were their ancestors returning.


Then after all that hard work I think it’s on to my favourite time of the day lunch at The Reveley Bar(well apart from tea, that is !)


Turkish bread (to die for) tzatziki, humous, and Dukkah and on the other plate sour dough toast, heritage tomatoes, mozzarella, figs, basil leaves and a lovely dressing oh and Parma ham for the carnivore.

And some chips to go with Lilah mayonnaise! We resisted the cakes


Then after a lovely day out we chill out while someone ???


Is sleeping

#Perthcity #thereveley #swanbell #Australialife

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