Chocolate and Lavender

Tuesday 28/03/17 – Little trip out to the Swan Valley, first The chocolate Factory

where we “have” to sample the goods, chocolate buttons,

chocolate sauce with Cointreau, pickles, chutneys and jams and much more. It’s a trial, but hey someone has to do it, and it’s us !!!

The restaurant there looks very tempting and that’s just the cakes

The machines that churns. out the chocolate and the chocs

Then it’s off to look around The Lavender Bistro where not only do they sell everything lavender but they do high teas, as neither of us had had a high tea that’s what we had, with the addition of bubbly each

It was scrummy will definitely have one again.

Some of the butties are gone from the plate, as got stuck in before I took the pic !

Lovely day out then a bit of mask and hat shopping

And back to the mad house !

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