Sculptures by the sea

Sunday 19/03/2017

After an early 7.30 start at the car boot and some serious rummaging, hunger sets in and I partake in something I have never had before a McDonalds coffee ( decaf) and blueberry muffin ……surprisingly very nice


Refreshed we drive down To Cottesloe beach to see the Sculptures by the sea, which began in 1997 and is held annually.

Plenty for the kids to see and interact with, all adults too.

Weird and wonderful sculptures that are for sale after the event

This award-winning sculpture was featured at the recent 2016 Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe – it features three components of a white, four faced goddess emerging from the ground created using thousands of photos of the Australian artist’s daughter, to represent a new breed of all-knowing humanity with foresight, hindsight, benevolence and power. This now stands on the border of a park in Melville on the way into Perth.


Well another lovely day out.



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  1. June says:

    Looks absolutely fabulous Karen!!!! Sooo lovely to see you with your girls and boy!!!! Love to read what your up to, makes me green in colour, but still love it!! Please give them all hugs and kisses from ‘Aunty June’ big ones and little alike XXXXX The ‘big kid’ you left behind has been in touch god bless him, love the bones of himXXXX(more kisses) Sure you do not need reminding but…have fun ….lots of love to you all…..happy moments make happy memories and your cup overfloweth with them Karen, much love June xxxxxxxxx


    1. Hi June, having a wonderful time over here in Oz, seeing everyone is so good, had really been missing them, meeting Frankie for the first time, Lilah is a right little card, so funny, and Evie is growing so fast, and having a catch up with Soph. So even though I miss my other half it is great. We still have 4 weeks travelling when I get back, so will be making the most of that. Kisses and hugs all been distributed over here and sent back to you too. Will whatsapp you when I get back, lots of luv Karen x x x x hope all is well with you x x x x


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