Perth Zoo

Tuesday – 13/03/17 Perth zoo

Right up bright and early, wash the inhabitants Lord Franklin in his pink made to measure mini bath and Lady Lilah in her green bespoke splash pool.


Lord Franklin in his new bib and tucker, Lady Lilah has scarpered  so no pic of her !!


Perth zoo participates in a number of breeding programs for endangered species, include those of the Rothschild’s giraffe and white rhinoceros


as well as Sumatran tigers


and orangutans,resulting in several births. Some Australian species are bred for release into managed habitat in Western Australia.

In November 2006, Perth Zoo released 14-year-old, Perth Zoo-born Sumatran orangutan Temara into Bukit Tigapuluh as part of the reintroduction program. Temara was the first zoo-born orangutan in the world to be released into the wild. This was followed in 2011 with the release of the first male zoo-born.

Perth Zoo contributes to the conservation of threatened species in the wild through its fundraising used for the conservation of Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant,

African painted dog, sun bears, tree kangaroos, Javan gibbons and Australian native species.

Well can highly recommend this zoo, not huge, but well laid out and plenty to see, but not too much as to be a trial, instead of a lovely day out..

Galapagos tortoises running !!

Plenty of things for big and little kids to play on

Few few more pics of this lovely zoo.

Finally one of the zoo inhabitants escaping!!!

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