Up, up and away

Monday 27/02/17 Malaga to Madrid to Perth – Saturday 11/03/17

All change again and it’s goodbye to my other half, and all round good egg Dave to fly to Perth to visit Soph, Richie, Evie, Lilah and Frankie. Well the flights were good,if abit  long, had to catch a train in Madrid and Dubai airport to get to my terminals !!! Huge, huge airports. This is the waterfall in Dubai airport


Lovely to see these 3 after a year and a half

So much to catch up on and jet lag kicks in after a couple of days ! But chilled, chilled, chilled. Went down to South Fremantle beach, so beautiful.

And the wild birds flying over the garden, or pinching the grapes and figs, parakeets, parrots and loads of unrecognisable ones.

And a trip to Bibra park where they have the most amazing kids park

So just a small view of life in Perth.

#ozlife #travelling #wonderfullife #spaintooz #Australia

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