Friday 17/02/17 – Friday  2402/17 Almunecar

Well disaster, am very upset, my running has come to an abrupt halt, woke up this morning hardly able to walk let alone run !! The crunchy knees have come back to haunt me. Rest I am told and ibuprofen, next day Dave has replaced me with Henning, his new running buddy and site owner !!!

Sunday 19/02/17 – Housebound I decide it’s roasted veg wraps for tea, prep done and it’s in the oven, and a few avocados picked.


As we are here in Almunecar for a while, we are catching up with things need doing, having some meals out, cooking and trimming, see below and going for walks when I can walk  !

As Baby is so furry it’s a 3/4 day job – day 1

Day 2 – she is “scared” ummm so Nala is also scared, we have never trimmed her ! Neither of the will come out.


Day 3 – Final result …..shorn


Thursday 23/02/17 Out for a meal to one of our favourite restaurants, Meson el Corzo,  because of the friendly waiters and chilled atmosphere, food and oh of course the wifi. Dave had menu del dia, mixed salad, followed by whitebait, crumbs (fried day old bread with garlic, paprika etc) and MELON ! I know weird combination. I had manchengo cheese roll, needed my fix of Spanish cheese.



Friday 24/02/17. – can just about walk now, without too much pain, so an evening walk along the beach, and up to the cross

Next next week its fingers crossed I can start gentle running. Have done 2 yoga classes this week and knee strengthening exercises, so wish me luck, I am going to be miles behind Dave……no change there !

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