Cala de Mijas

Friday 10/02/17 – Cala de Mijas, no not Cala de Mijas the leisure battery on the van is playing up, so it’s up sticks down to our old stomping ground of Camping Buganvilla, not much changed in 4 years apart from how close together the units are. Anyway had some help off a fellow camper and no new battery needed, pheeewww !

Saturday 11/02/17 – Tuesday 14/02/17 – Cala de Mijas

Finally got here to meet up with our friends Ang and Andy who live here for 6 months, of the year, busy town with lovely walks by the sea,

plenty of restaurants to try and easy to get the bus to Fuengorola and Marbella.

Sunday met up with Ang and friend Jenny for tapas in the pensioners bar – no they said what are you youngsters doing here, we will not serve you ! Ha ha, no we were ready to take all the compliments that didn’t come, so ate our lunch, unfortunately Dave and I went mad on the gorgeous coffee and had 2, so were high on caffeine for the rest of the day! Sunday went for a walk along the prom, on a mission Ang said she could walk to the end in 30 mins, challenge on ! The dogs couldn’t sniff anything or pee till we got to the end, and walking groups, spanning the whole path were given daggers on our mission to beat Ang, – 31.48 mins FAILURE ! !!!!!!!!  Monday and Tuesday was our 5k to couch and a stroll so packing in the kilometres. Then as a reward we are meeting up for supper at the Cantonese  yum yum.


Wednesday 15/02/17 Fuengirola.

Have to leave Cala de Mijas as only a 2 day permit, I know we stayed 4 but the policia station was shut over the weekend, shhhhhh ! Don’t tell them €0.00 for the 2 nights we stayed  hee hee. Found a lovely site right near the castle in Fuengirola another camperstop €0.00 per night, had a little stroll up to

Castillo Sohail (Sohail Castle), which was destroyed and rebuilt several times, is without a doubt the epitome of Fuengirola monuments, both for its long and turbulent history and its unmistakable silhouette that has become the symbol of the city. The fortress is surrounded by powerful square towers and every part of it has been meticulously restored to prevent deterioration and to render it useful as a cultural and tourist resource since, as has been stated, it has been converted into a remarkable open-air auditorium. Inside it a small museum has been set up with models that help in understanding the history of the place.

Then met up with Ang and Andy again, showed them round the des res, Nala decided Ang wasn’t leaving, putting her paw firmly on her knee ! But food andimg_7952

a stroll along the prom  beckoned and off we set.

Then of course its menu del dia time, very nice and the dogs enjoyed the left overs

Lovely couple of days nattering (mostly Dave and Andy !!, ha ha) eating and walking, but all good things must come to an end and we say bye, tomorrow we are off into the hills to see Denise and Paul. Small note on the 5k to couch, it’s coming along better am now going in the 5k direction.









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