La Linear And Gibraltar

Monday 07/02/17 – Tuesday 08/02/17 – La linea and Gibraltar

Drove down past the huge port of Algeciras, wonderful scenery, on our way to La Linear, staying on a camperstop there €4.00 per night.

Park up and have a wander around Gib as us locals call it ! Funny going through passport control and walking across the runway to get there.

Then watched the changing of the guard and covering up of the cannons whilst being refreshed

Then Dave fancied fish and chips, so would be rude not too and very nice they were too


Few more pics to finish the day then a 20 min stroll home. No running for us today, as every time we move no ouch, or an urghhh is emitted, and we are as stiff as boards.


Next day up bright and early for our run, bloody phone ran out of charge after 18 mins so not sure how far we ran, but what I do know is someone has put lead linings in my trainers ! After our run it’s another walk into Gib to Morrisons to get some blackcurrant jam, am well into jam and bread with my cuppa. £32.00 later we walk back for lunch in the van. Then out again for another walk, thought these were just rubble but no a bit of history.

And the history behind it


Wasnt keen on Gib last time we were here, but may have been the rain, closed shops and having parked by an industrial estate, that did it, this time I can see a bit more of its charm.


And of course the cheap petrol









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